Saturday, 13 August 2005

Paragliding Weekend (sort of...) (from my diary)

i had an awesome weekend discovering that i had forgotten how to paraglide - not good! until Saturday, it was just under 8 months since i last flew...
So on Saturday it was a good thing i was only doing short hops supervised by 糸長さん(and also that character with really strong hands whos v. keen to practice English and doesn't stop talking and I’d forgotten existed)... my launch technique and control (and just about everything) had totally gone to pot. And to cap it all off i had an accidental reserve deployment - (bizarre feeling) though luckily i was only at 2m altitude.
Many lessons learned and relearned. Rehabilitation. Frustrating but useful.
(Earlier we went up to see the takeoff – a very steep dodgy looking wooden slatted ramp!)

The place was 火山in 志摩町, near 前原, west of 福岡市 – an awesome 4km long beach with muchos surf etc see here. a very reccomended location for all sorts of adventures! Sat. evening: 焼肉 but Itonaga had bought me veggies, salad and dressing on the way. Nice – he looked after me so well all weekend! I slept in the top of Itonaga’s camper van. And then a bit in the morning on the beach. If you have never slept on a beach in the early morning, do it now!

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