Sunday, 14 August 2005

more from my diary

Sunday was a much better day - including over 2 hours of ground handling and bouncing around on the beach followed by an hour or
2 playing in the surf with bodyboards. The PGing took me back (mind and level gradually training back to the level i was last year) to awesome day bouncing around over the thermic rocks round the back of Fan G with Nick last July.
Wind was a bit too strong for a flight from the mountain, but I'm back in the zone and ready to fly again!
Sunday afternoon I had a good chat with Itonaga about life; he says he used to think that what you do was more important than money, but he says you need money, and all artists are poor. He’s an artist (like most people in Japan), in that he paints European Windows in Black and white. Also speculates on Stock Exchange. Lots of philosophizing etc. (and religion etc. in the car on the way home) with a backdrop of beautiful sunset over 福岡湾, and the slow お盆 traffic. We went to his mother’s house in 北九州 (for a big family gathering, including a mutual English/Japanese lesson with his elder brother (or someone's grandfather?) who was teaching me lots of old kanji that aren't used any more) then back to Yoshitomi (with his family, including his elder son who is at 東京外国語大学 near ICU studying French)(somehow getting lost in 行橋 on the way (they wouldn’t have got lost if I’d been navigating!))

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