Monday, 1 January 1990

the first bit

For some reason, i can't post any dates before the start of 1990. This is presumably because the internet as we know it, blogging, etc. did not at that time exist.

So in my entry for the firts of January 1990, i will provide a summary of the previous 9 1/2 years.

Apparently, i was born.
This is alleged to have occurred on Friday the 3rd of August, 1981 at around 5-6 p.m. on or under the roof of the big red hospital in Hereford. (this hospital is now big and new, as opposed to being big and red).

Since then, i think i have always felt either soporiphic or creative or something at around that time on a friday evening. This has led me to wonder why we don't celebrate a Birthhour every week, instead of just a birthday every year.

I have just discovered that i appear to be making this up.
There was no Friday, the 3rd of August, 1981. It was a Monday. Which allegedly makes me more fair of face than loving and giving. Whatever. I must have come into existence at some point, because here i am (unless i am very much mistaken).
So thanks , Mum, and Dad! I love life ... if i had any choice in the matter of parents, i think i chose exceptionally well.

I have always had a brother. I have not (according to the linear time paradigm) always had a sister. All this will become clear in the ensuing posts. (assuming i write them).

For now, (4:46 pm 15/11/2005), ciaow.