Saturday, 8 May 2010

Köln-Moscow Sleeper diary gleanings, Part 3

The time-zone changing, combined with anticipation of non-existent midnight border controls, is having a strange effect on me. I woke up with the light, at about 3:15 UK time, saying "Good Morning" and apologising to the non-existent unknown person I assumed had taken up residence in my compartment. The Belarus Russia border was as non-existent to us as your average European border: it appears that Belarus and Russia have some agreement on immigration and customs.

So, here I am, in Russia for the first time ever. Like Poland, there seems to be a lot of space. By now I have relaxed into my space on the train, and almost don't feel ready to leave.

It is only a few hours now before we arrive in Moscow. Passing through the outskirts, we see churches with bright golden domes, and castle-like appartment buildings.

What Moscow will be like, I still have no idea.

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