Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Please Note Change of Schedule!

The Trial Run is complete. Wow. What a day I had on Sunday! I have discovered that the process of laying down and picking up the spoons is physically grueling and takes aaaaages! It took 6 hours to get from City Hall Annex to a point on Prospect Street opposite Carberry's (between Out of the Blue and Art Interactive) Rather than doing the whole route each day, I have now decided to use each day as a leg of the journey. So on Saturday, I'll be starting out from Prospect Street at 8.30 am and see how it goes from there...

This morning I had an interview with the Cambridge Chronicle, so check out this week's edition!

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D.Yvette Wohn said...

Hi Sparky. From a distance, I thought you were foraging for acorns (no joke!) and was surprised when I heard a crackling sound under my feet. I'm really sorry I stepped on your forks, but hey, that only proves the more how unnecessary they are in our lives, right?
Hope you're able to continue with more innovative, thoughtful projects!