Friday, 31 August 2007

A Line Through the City

The majority of my work follows lines through space. These may be lines drawn with a pencil on the 2-dimensional space of a piece of paper, but they are just as likely to be lines followed through the air in a flying machine, or along the streets of a neighborhood, as in today's work, Cambridge Cutlery.
I try to use recycled or discarded materials as much as i can. This line is marked by plastic cutlery, partly because plastic cutlery is the material i found, and partly to get people to think about cutlery. A plastic fork is a ridiculous object! Plastic cutlery may be convenient, but the toll it takes on the environment is extreme. I would like to bring attention to our overdependence on plastics in everyday life. Less dependence on plastic forks means less production of plastic forks, and less plastic floating around in the oceans.
The route I have chosen is a tribute to some of those who have helped and inspired me this summer...

PAQ: (Potentially asked questions)
What are you doing?
Moving a 35m line of plastic cutlery through the streets of Cambridge.

Answer 1: No reason... just exploring lines.
Answer 2: To alert people to the ridiculous over use of plastic in our lives (and get them to think about alternatives) THIS MEANS YOU! YES! YOU READING THESE WORDS NOW! How many plastic spoons have you used and discarded recently? Think about it. Why not try carrying your own cutlery around and declining the use of plastic when buying fast food (or any food!).
Answer 3: To show my gratitude and appreciation to various institutions and the people of Cambridge for their positive influence on my time spent here.

From the Cambridge Arts Council gallery to the place i found the cutlery, via Out of the Blue Gallery, Art Interactive, Cambridge Zen Centre, etc.

Trial Run: Sunday 2nd September from noon
Second Incarnation: 8th September from 8.30 am
Third Incarnation: Monday 10th September from 8.30 am (possibly subject to alteration)

Who are you?
Known as Sparky, I am an English artist from Leominster, Herefordshire, UK.
I am living in Cambridge MA for the summer, visiting friends and working at Vuk School of Groove.

What's with the candles?
When I found the spoons, I also found a whole load of candles. I took them home and made wax sculptures. On each occasion, a different wax sculpture will mark the end of the route.

What is your next project?
I don't know! leave a comment here at if you are interested in finding out more.

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