Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Britain is a foreign country!

I have now been back in the nation of my birth and upbringing for 214 hours.
Upon landing, i spent a couple of culture schocked days in London... and it seems that England has become a foreign country to me - everything is strange yet oddly familiar.
I have been at home for almost a week - pretty much everything at home is the same (but for minor details like the phone, kettle, digital tv, dining room table etc...)
i found myself wondering - has my Pre-JET self been waiting here in my bedroom to re-engulf me upon my return?

Jetlag slowly seeped from my system, and i eventually got around to
unpacking, while i compiled a list of things i noticed (and got enthusiastic/懐かしい/culture shocked about) on my return to England.

People (airport baggage handlers) are a British kind of shape... the language is very "normal"

Heathrow Airport is not on the whole very modern (compared to Kansai / Hong Kong) but a Vodaphone or Virgin stand seemed to bee pretty flashy / pseudo-futuristic. (is there ever anything really futuristic? surely any design can only ever be pseudo-futuristic, 'cos as soon as it is complete, the future has come and gone, and is just the same as the past with it's retro-future style)

The cars here are all rounded/strange shapes and shiny! so many different colours!

The motorways are Free!

3-pin plugs and sockets!

English Bathroom

no genkan in the home.


The smell of damp morning England seeping through the morning windows.
Drizzly kind of non-rain ... a mix of suburban scents with European overtones + a hint of manure!

breakfast with skimmed milk and Strauss!

Apples here are Tiny! and taste very earthy and real.


On walking around Hampton/Kingston:

Grey English summer with green treey smells.

ha! I almost nodded to a 外人! Everyone looks so foreign!
My eyes are unaccustomed to this environment.

so there.
i think i've kind of got used to it a bit more now

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sparky!
Robin showed me your line when I went into college on Thursday...sounds like you had a great deal of fun!
Come along to art in the woods on Saturday or Sunday- weather looks good and should have lots going on which you'll enjoy, building stuff, collecting stuff, who knows what you'll find to use in your next line.
Hope to see you: Annabelle, Ed, Jill, Robin, Alli me and lots of others will be there, should be good. Just come along you don't need to run a workshop but it would be great to see you and catch up,
love Jan