Monday, 27 February 2006

Boxes Rant

(instigated by hearing that Mia was not allowed to go and teach outside instead of in the classroom)

What is it about humanity that we are so intent on shutting ourselves up in little boxes?! Physically , psychologically, socially, we build these walls, and lock ourselves away, then wondr what we're running away from!
We don't realise we're running from the sun! From the power and light that will give us the energy to "cope with life".

What does that mean, anyway? "Cope With Life?"
Why do we have to make Life out to be something that we need to "cope" with?
Life is a Joy; with challenges, perhaps, but to say it is necessary to "cope" with life gives "life" a heavy dark lustre which it does not need.

as i write, the windows are covered by blinds (have you noticed i am usually sitting in the office as i write this blog?) to prevent the sunlight from coming in (are they called blinds 'cos that's what they make you?) and we are subjected to the ghastly fluorescence that pervades offices (and kitchens? why kitchens?) the world over.

When oh when will people realize that solar power is Free, and doesn't even need to be converted into electricity to be used?

If anyone reading this has ever built or considered building a building that makes all possible use of natural light, then please let me know!

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Anonymous said...

My parents designed and built a passive solar house in Oregon. By chance our two neighbors also have passive solar houses. I think as a result of Jimmy Carter there were loans given to people building energy efficient houses. Not sure if they are still available. Thats how my parents could affoard to build our house. It was too expensive to make it entirely solar. Our house is amazing! It is an open floor plan, with 19 foot high ceilings, tile floors, and all the windows face south. We dont need air conditioning, and the house stays warm in the winter. Also we generaly dont need to turn on the electirc lights because we have natural light all day.
We built the house on a big south facing hill, and part of the house is built into the hill. Also our garage is seperate from the house which is unusual in America.
Watching my dad and his friend design, and construct our house had a profound impact on me- as did living in a non-traditional house. Space affects your well being!