Tuesday, 25 October 2005


i just thought of a new word which doesn't/shouldn't exist:

anyone got any idea what it means (or doesn't mean?)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Amalgamation of "Ox"+"troposhere" +"-ation". Used to describe the effect of the troposphere on Oxen.

Upon entering the troposphere Oxen are apt to suffer from vertigo, angina, homesickness and cold feet. Although a rare occurrence in general, it can occur in hilly areas; such as Tibet, Russia and Caithness. In such instances it is recommended to provide the said Oxen with a hot-water bottle, mug of spiced hot chocolate and his favourite teddy bear.

E.g: "Ther'be much oxtropulation on de'hills this yer. Ach, we're runnin' oout o'teddy bears."


Anonymous said...

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Sparky said...

Well, that explains it then...