Tuesday, 13 September 2005


i was just asked for the first time ever what i was doing while sitting at the computer. I was actually looking at this blog, albeit a text part of it. But the question addressed to me turned out to be rhetorical, as the lady who asked looked at the screen, noticed it smothered in English, and giggled, "I wouldn't have a clue even if i looked!"
i do have things to do,and am doing them ... gradually ... i jsut happen to be doing a lot of other things as well (e.g. procrastinating, websurfing, etc...)

If anyone is actually reading this, please let me know! I will (i promise) fill in (some of)the gaps ... eventually...


Anonymous said...

Hello Sparky,

Glad to see someone else writes a
blog rather than concentrating on what they are supposed to be doing!!!


Anonymous said...

You? Procrastinating...? Never!



Mahasen said...

:D well.. I'm the owner of that blog... thanks for visiting... hope you'll continue to do so..

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