Monday, 15 May 1995

Date=unspecific. Topic=Sandwiches

First, i would like to say "Hooray for Sandwiches!"

At some point, i realized that i exceptionally loved egg mayonnaise and cress sandwiches.

I am eating one as i type (with lettuce not cress) - this is why i have remembered the above fact.
Recently, mainly due to living in Japan, sandwiches are not a main part of my diet, and i haven't been an avid e,m+c fan since the mid-late '90s (when i discovered the delights of putting between slices of bread ANYTHING that was in the fridge! or on my plate!)

When i was rowing lots at Monmouth, i used to eat chip butties (and curry butties, and butties of anything that the canteen happened to be serving) - this used to really annoy Dan Rosser - not quite sure why.

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